Image of a pupil who passed their test

The good reputation of the School is why I chose to learn with WrightWay Driving School. My Driving Instructor Wayne Wright had excellent teaching methods and was very easy to understand.

Wayne didn't throw every single method at me, just the ones in which he felt were comfortable for me that I understood easily. I was made to feel as though I could pass my practical test even when nerves and a lack of self-confidence made me think otherwise. I found this School to be by far the best for learning to drive and Wayne was an excellent teacher. Thank you for everything!!!"

Aleah Al-Haji from Trebanog

Image of a pupil who passed their test

I learned to drive with an amazing driving instructor from WrightWay driving school called Wayne Wright, he was absolutely brilliant and so friendly, he had brilliant teaching skills, he was always ever so patient with me, I will be recommending Wayne and his school to anyone who is after quality driving lessons that get the end result!"

Julie Al-Haji from Trebanog

Image of a pupil who passed their test

Would like to say a big thank you to my driving instructor WayneWright for helping me to pass my test first time. Wayne’s calm and collected nature allowed for a stress free environment to learn in. His patience throughout and his vast knowledge and experience really helped in the learning process and I felt like I had progressed in my ability to drive after each lesson. I would highly recommend Wayne and WrightWay driving school.
Thanks again.”

David Matthews from Porth

Image of a pupil who passed their test

Just before my first driving lesson I felt nervous but excited. I expected the lesson to be scary but my instructor was really good and made me feel at ease. His instruction method were excellent because I had never driven a car before but by the end of the driving lesson I could drive the car I even drove home! By the end I felt confident and excited for my next lesson.”

Carly Price from Trebanog

Image of a pupil who passed their test

Many of my friends recommended Wrightway Driving School to me and I’m glad that they did. Learning to drive was not as stressful as I first thought. My Instructor Wayne Wright had very good teaching methods as well as being understanding and calm which is exactly what I needed. There was also a good structure to each lesson that helped me to improve.
I felt really confident going into my test and was very happy with each lesson that passed and this is why I will recommend the School to others.”

Lindsey Banner from Tonyrefail

Image of a pupil who passed their test

Before I started driving lessons, I really wasn't sure whether driving was for me or not. I didn't know if after my first lesson I was going to freak out and walk away from driving. Once I met my driving instructor (Wayne Wright) and done my first lesson with him, he filled me with a lot of confidence and I knew that with him as my driving instructor, I would eventually pass my test. 3 months later, I passed my driving test first time with 3 miner driving faults For anyone who is looking into driving, Wayne really is the driving instructor you want, he is patient, kind, calm, friendly and very helpful. Believe me when I say that this man puts 110% into teaching you while helping you keep calm and relaxed. Definitely a driving instructor I would highly recommend!!!"

Kelly Parson from Trealaw

Image of a pupil who passed their test

I would like to say a massive thank you to Wayne Wright, who helped me build my confidence from my very first lesson to pass my test being very nervous about driving before I started Wayne, made me feel very at ease in no time. Wayne’s lessons were always fun and relaxed, always having a laugh yet at the same time being taught all that I needed to know about driving and somehow he always managed to keep his cool even in the hairy moments! Couldn't have asked for a better instructor so thanks a lot Wayne! Has really been a life changer for me! Would highly recommend Wayne and WrightWay driving school to anyone.

Amy Jenkins from Cymmer


Image of a pupil who passed their test

First of all I would like to thank Wayne Wright from WrightWay Driving School for being such a great driving instructor. Being a 1st time learner I was very nervous. On the 1st lesson Wayne put me at ease straight away. He is very patient, and a great driving instructor Wayne was always reliable and very flexible with lesson times making sure you could get a driving lesson when you needed. He would always work around you and what best suits you. Wayne filled me with confidence to drive on the A470 (which I was petrified of) within a matter of weeks and that’s a great achievement. He was always Cool, Calm, & Collective on his approach to teaching. I would always recommend WrightWay Driving School with a first class Instructor (Wayne). I couldn't have done it without your support and confidence in me and I thank you greatly in helping me pass my driving test 1st time.

Jamiela Al-Haji from Trebanog

Image of a pupil who passed their test

My Driving Instructor was Wayne Wright and I found his methods to be brilliant. I had previously been learning with another driving school and didn't enjoy the experience at all. Wayne’s methods were completely different and made me feel so more confident and capable to achieve my goal. I will and have already recommended my instructor to others."

Jade Nelson

Image of a pupil who passed their testMy Driving Instructor Wayne Wright' was excellent and very easy to get along with. Wayne put me at ease and made the lessons enjoyable whilst still learning methods. He was very clear with his instructions and was also patient with me. There is nothing that I would change about my experience with WrightWay Driving School."

Josh Owen from Tonyrefail

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