Driving Lessons:

image of Driving lessons Pontypridd

Looking for driving lessons in Porth, Pontyclun, Pontypriddd and the surrounding areas? Want to be able to explore the places you live and the surrounding areas? WrightWay Driving School is for you. We offer a range of lessons for beginner and experience drivers. We have our fabulous deal of the first 90 minute lesson for £30 to get you started on you driving lessons. However if you are looking to make further savings on lessons then a bulk booking deal is for you.
Want to be able to drive around Wales Free without having anyone sat next to you telling you what to do or how to drive then why not take lessons with WrightWay Driving School and pass your test ready for the freedom that you want. Fed up of using public transport to get around? No problem we have driving lessons to suit you so that you can pass you test and be free on the road.

  • First 90-minute lesson
  • £30
  • Available
  • to all new pupils
  • Book Now
  • 10 hourrs of lessons
  • £280
  • save £2 per hour when
  • block booking 10 hours
  • Book Now
  • 5 Hours of lessons
  • £145
  • save £1 per hour when
  • block booking 5 hours
  • Book Now

Intensive Driving Course:

If you need to pass you test quickly or by a certain date or time so that you can have that job you’ve always dreamed about or to get about so you can get out of the house. Then why not book our 24hrs intensive course?
Taking an intensive course gets you passed quickly so that you can be free on the road. If you feel confident and want to pass you test ASAP then give us a call today and book one of our intensive courses.

Refresher lessons:

Already passed your test but don’t feel confident driving on the roads, or just need a refresher lessons or passed a long time ago and haven’t driven since? Not a problem we offer refresher lessons here whether you need 1hr or 20hrs or maybe even more we can do the lessons for you.
Refresher lessons can be for people who haven’t yet purchased a car or are about to purchase one and therefore need a few lessons just to refresh their knowledge of driving and ensure that you are going to be a safe and confident driver.
Sometimes it’s the case when you haven’t needed to drive for so long because someone has been driving for you or driving you around and now you need to be independent and drive yourself around. Refresher lessons can help you get yourself confident and back on the road to freedom!

Ultimate Unlimited package:

If you are looking for an all-inclusive package then our Ultimate Unlimited package is just for you!

Including 3 attempts at the theory and the practical test and totally unlimited driving lessons. This course is ideally suited to first time beginners who need to plan ahead and not worry about the cost of driving. We introduced this course as we felt on occasions some learners would worry about how many lessons and this Ultimate course put their mind at ease. You have up to a whole year in which to take your lessons and test too. A deposit of £250 is payable on booking and the balance before the course starts.