Car for Driving lessons Pontypridd

WrightWay Driving school

Founded in 1990 with just one goal in mind!

  • ‘To be the best driving school by far’

Our philosophy is simple:

  • Using our unique teaching methods and business practices.
    We will get you safely through the Driving Test in the minimum number of lessons,

Our service is simple:

  • Dynamic
  • You will be taught in a modern new, clean, safe car.
  • Your WrightWay instructor will be friendly, honest, punctual and professional.
    They will teach you as quickly as you are capable of learning.
  • The rules of the road will be simplified to get you to Test standard more quickly
  • Reliable
  • We always aim to be punctual.
  • Your WrightWay instructor will not turn up late and drop off early.
  • You will get the FULL time you have paid for.
  • Appointments will not be cancelled or rearranged unless absolutely necessary.
  • Interesting
  • Our teaching technique will maximise the amount you learn on every lesson.
  • We will minimise the amount of time you spend sat at the side of the road.
  • We won’t bore you with Theory Test practice on your driving lessons! You can study for the Theory Test at your own pace at home.
  • Learning to drive should be about practice and getting miles under your belt. That’s exactly what we will do!

Value for Money

  • We will maximise the amount of time you spend driving on every driving lesson.
  • And Your Progress will be updated
  • Your lessons will always be at a competitive price.


  • Learning to drive should be an enjoyable experience.
  • Your WrightWay instructor will be friendly, fun and have a sense of humour!
  • Our aim is to make you so pleased with your driving lessons; you have fun and recommend WrightWay to all your friends!!